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Well, I have bad news...I caught a virus.  Not me exactly, but my computer is sick.....very sick and has been sent off to see if it can be fixed easily or if everything has to be wiped clean and reloaded.  Fortunately I have great computer guys to work it out for me.  The biggy though is that I had planned posts for this week and haven't been able to do anything about posting them due to not being able to access my photos or my post drafts.  So I am posting without a plan today.   

I decided I would show you something I am working on that I was going to wait to show you because it is sort of a work in progress and frankly, I wasn't ready to take any photos of it.  Here are a few hints;  the room is purple, it has a chandelier, and a canopy over the bed....  Can you guess who's room it is?? 

Well, she has big brown eyes, curly brown hair, is four years old and one of the three best things that has ever happened  to me.  It is my Little One's room!  She loves her room and she is very proud to tell anyone who asks, that she picked the paint and all of the fabric....and in fact, she did! 

Her room is small, but has everything a little girl could want...except it needs a few things to finish it off.  I have been looking for prints for awhile for one of her walls and had several ideas rolling around my brain.  Her favorite fabric has fairies on it, so we decided to stick with the fairy theme.  When Little One was a year old, her Auntie Roo gave her "The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies", because Little One loves to dance and dress like a ballerina, a fairy, or a princess at any given time.

I don't want to tear apart her beloved book, so I found one on Overstock for $16.34.  There is no way I could buy 6 or 9 prints for less than 17 bucks, so I have ordered the book and will choose a handful of prints with my Little One to mat and frame.

The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies
Here are a handful that we like and will probably use.

**All images courtesy of "The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies" by Cicely Mary Barker.

That's about all for now.  I just found out my computer will be on it's way back to me, so I will hopefully be back to some sort of more regular posting soon!

Hope you all have had a good week!

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