DIY Linen Pinboard

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If you haven’t figured it out yet, it takes me awhile to get things done around here. Focusing on the girls is my priority, but I have managed to find a little time here and there over the past two weeks to get to a few things on my list.  As you know, I have been working on our office/storage room/music room.  You can catch up on it here, here, here, & here if you are new to Designed to a Tea.
I hung the drapery track, which I wrote about the other day….I know…really exciting stuff!  But, for those of you who have never hung a ceiling mounted track, at least you know it is not intimidating in any way!! 
Today I’m going to show you a super simple and inexpensive way to duplicate a linen pinboard. 

Pottery Barn sells one for $99.00 and that was just out of my budget.

img82o pottery-barn-pinboard via Pottery Barn
So for $20 and some supplies I always have on hand, I made my own.  Now I have a place to put up the girl’s schedules, things I don’t want to lose, some design stuff, and all the beautiful creations the girls make me!

DIY Linen Pinboard

  • Cork panel, mine was 24 x 36
  • linen fabric , I bought 1 1/2 yards
  • spray mount
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • 3M adhesive mounts, I used 8
1.  Gather your supplies.  I got my cork panel on sale at Hobby Lobby for $14.  I am not hanging anything heavy on my pinboard.  If you are wanting to hang heavier items, I would buy a board with a backing that can be hung from a picture hanger or a picture nail.
2.  Iron your linen.
3.  Spray 2 coats of adhesive on the face of your cork board.  Wait until it is tacky and lay your linen over the board, smoothing from the center out.  This will help to hold the linen in place and assure there aren’t any wrinkles.  If you want a great bond, you can spray both the face of the board and the back of your fabric. 
4. Turn the board over carefully and trim the linen so you have a 3-4” border around the board.
5.  Using your glue gun, glue the corners first….do all of the corners.
6.  Glue the straight edges, snugging the fabric around to the back.  I do not have photos of this step….I tried…really, but I found it a little hard to hold a glue gun, flatten fabric, and hold the camera….it also seemed all of my assistants were busy!! 
7.  Voila….your done….and it only took about ten minutes.
Add your 3M adhesive strips to the back, I used four along the top and the bottom as well.  Hang on your wall.  I waited until the next day to hang anything on the board….I love it.  I’m not one for fancy styling, so this is what it will probably look like most of the time. 

So, what do you think…not bad for 20 buckeroos and 10 minutes of my time!!  It will probably get overcrowded at some point and I am considering making another one for client stuff….or maybe I’ll make a couple for my laundry room door, which is currently holding our Advent bags. I can pin up all the great pictures the girls make for us along with note cards, report cards, etc. AND I can still use if for the advent bags……..hmmmm, I think I feel another project coming!
So here is what is left on my list for the office:
  • Desk
  • Tack board
  • Paint walls
  • Swap out ventilated shelving for wood shelves
  • Hang drapes
  • Swap out florescent for new light fixture
  • Area rug
  • Hang artwork
Slowly, but surely…… 


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