A Little Paint Goes A Long Way

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I love paint.  Paint can transform anything and do it pretty reasonably.  Clients of mine recently purchased their new home and inherited some really bad design choices.  I'm talking heavy Mediterranean stuff....all the rage down here for at least the last decade.  Their study was probably the worst.  The builder had installed a custom built-in and while it was practical and accommodated a lot of storage, the finishes in the room were horrible. 

Imagine if you will, beautiful mahogany floors, mahogany doors and sidelights, mahogany trim on the built-in, and mahogany chair rail, crown, and coffers......except none of the mahogany matches.  The floor was a true red/brown mahogany and the builder had tried to match all of the moulding trim with a mahogany stain, which had less red in it; and then tried to match the applied moulding on the built-in to the rest, but it looked purple.....on an orange base.  Ugghhh!!    My crew took photos before they started......

The orange base of the cabinetry with the purple base of the mahogany applied trim was really upsetting to my clients...they were ready to tear everything out.  What they wanted was a calm, soothing space.......my response?  No problem!  A little paint will do the job!!  So I called both of my painters and got them scheduled.  Painter #1 prepped and sprayed and prepped and sprayed and a couple of weeks of later.......the built-ins were done. 

Painter #2 entered the scene and after some more prepping, a little oil paint on the rest of the moulding in the room, a great color on the wall, and a couple more weeks.....we used the furniture from their previous home (which I had designed), added a few more accessories, a custom area rug, and now the study is a soothing, calm room for my clients to do their work in!!

Have a great one!!

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